What is Courier?

Courier is your own personal Twitter bot.

Smart translation to Twitter-speak

Every post you write on your blog will be run through Courier’s translator. The translator understands what kind of content makes sense and feels natural and Twitter, and make several transformations to help your autoposted tweets fit in with the rest of Twitter:

Catch mistakes before they’re posted

It’s important that your writing looks how you expect when it goes out to your followers. Courier has a few different ways to make sure that you say exactly what you mean.

Review your tweets before they go out

By default, Courier will hold back your posts from Twitter, so you have a chance to review exactly what will be sent to Twitter when Courier posts your tweet. With a single click, you can either send your tweet or reject it. If you choose to post your tweets automatically, you’ll still have a five minute delay where you can confirm or reject Courier’s action.

Edit and make corrections

You’re not stuck with the translation that Courier makes. If you notice something that isn’t quite how you want it, you can easily edit your post before it gets tweeted.

Mobile friendly

Courier works great on both desktop and mobile.