Courier delivers your microblog to Twitter

Post everything to your own blog, and let Courier deliver it to Twitter in a way that makes sense.

Get Started
You don’t have to leave Twitter behind to be able to own your content. Write all your posts, from shower thoughts to long-form essays, on your own site, and let Courier handle bringing it to Twitter.

Translates your HTML into tweetable text

Courier understands what a tweet should look like and will format your posts in an intelligent way. Your tweets will look like you typed them by hand just for Twitter.

Edit your tweets before they go public

Optionally review drafts of your autogenerated tweets before they get posted. You can catch typos and translation mistakes before they go public, or decide you didn’t want to tweet that post after all.

Pull content from multiple feeds

Courier can watch many different feeds and post them all to the same Twitter account. You can set some feeds to post automatically after a short delay while having other feeds require your approval before posting.